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Thursday, May 14, 2015

The #ColorBlind Challenge-Stop Racism

Racism...Is it truly prevalent in the United States or is it simply a matter of perception?

I have heard and read time after time that the reason for so many things is "because he's black" but is that really the reason the man with the gun that shot a police officer was arrested or killed? Was it "because he's black" or was it because he shot a police officer?

It's not only from the black community, however, white people do it too... Those that sympathize with the color argument will join in, those that think its' ridiculous will make other racist comments, and still there is one other group that should stand out and shine:

the group that says, it doesn't matter what color your skin is, if you did the crime you deserve to do the time...

the group that shouts: skin color has nothing to do with how your life is at the moment, the only person that can change your life is you and until YOU do something to change it you are stuck where you are.

the same group believes that the United States is a country based on freedom it is a country that has room for all colors shapes and sizes of peoples. The outward attributes matter little, it is what you choose to do with your life that matters greatly.

If you are in this group of #ColorBlind people, this group of believers in justice no matter color, than I challenge you to stand up and shout it out (on social media of course, you would look a little silly shouting #ColorBlind from your rooftop.) Use #ColorBlind and let the world know that you make judgments, you hold others accountable, you hold yourself accountable and skin color has absolutely nothing to do with it.

If you're not quite sure what to tweet or post you can steal this one:

I do not judge based on color of skin, but by character within. #ColorBlind

Will you announce to the world that you are #ColorBlind?

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