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Monday, May 4, 2015

The "Race Card"

   It is a controversial subject among many. Was an injustice performed? Did the action take place because of the color of someones skin? Does race even play a part in the scenario? It is a heated topic, one that I wish to discuss with whomever chooses to dive in.

   Firstly, is there injustice in the United States? Of course there is. Is there racism still in existence among the citizens of the U.S.? Without a doubt! However, not every instance has some racial motivator behind the actions that take place.

   For example, a white man is found selling illegal drugs and a white police officer is making the arrest. The white man runs from the police officer and the officer in turn chases after him. During the chase the officer catches up to the criminal and throws him to the ground in an effort to make the arrest.--In the case of the criminal will any stand and say "It's because he's white!" --of course not, that would be absurd. In this case the officer was doing his job.

   Now let's say that the white man was injured while  being thrown to the ground after having run from the officer and refusing arrest...this most undoubtedly will be labeled "police brutality" but is it really brutality or is the officer simply doing what the officer was trained to do?

   If we throw in the fact that the white criminal was also carrying a firearm and had it aimed at the police officer, clearly the officer was in danger, still there will be some who stand up and say it was police brutality...

   Let's say instead the officer is a black man and the criminal is white, the same actions occur, there will be few to label this as a "hate crime" or having to do anything with race because the criminal in the scenario was a white man.

   If both the police officer and the criminal are black, this is police brutality.

   If the officer is white and the criminal is black, no matter what, someone in the world will call this arrest an injustice and the race card will be played.

   What sense does this make? The officer was clearly just doing his job by arresting a criminal, as should happen. How, in any of these scenarios is this labeled police brutality?

   Is it more likely that there are many who would rather take blame from the criminal and place it on the police officer?

  I do realize that this will not be a popular article, I am willing to take the heat that stems from my opinions. I am simply sick of hearing things like "if he was white that wouldn't have happened" or "it's because he/she is black."

   If you do not want racism to run rampant in the U.S. here are some logical pointers:

  •    Live a straight life.
  • If you commit a crime take responsibility.
  • Use your voice, violence solves nothing. 
  • You have a choice, if you choose to commit an illegal act there are consequences: that's a fact. 
   In order to see a world where everything is not about race than race has to be taken out of the situation. It cannot be the first card played. Instead evaluate, use critical thinking, and place blame where blame is due. If an individual commits a crime it is common knowledge that said individual will eventually face the consequences. 

  Now, should that individual being arrested consequentially die due to excessive force by the officer? Absolutely not, unless that criminal was threatening the life of the police officer. The police officer should not use any more force than the criminal uses, in other words if the criminal is not armed the officer should not pull his weapon. 

   In the end, I would like to see the day come when a criminal is labeled as such and race is left out of the equation. 

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