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Friday, May 8, 2015


Thug... It has been said to be the new "N" word, however thug is not biased to skin color, just as the "N" word is no longer biased to skin color. These words are no longer racist in meaning. 

   These labels, in all reality, no longer have anything to do with race for most US citizens. No longer are these words used only used to describe some members of the black community, despite popular belief. 

   There are thugs of all color, shape, and size. The word does not discriminate against skin color, instead it discriminates against the lifestyle you have chosen. 

a violent person, especially a criminal

   Tupac defined this word (in the 90's) a little differently. His definition was someone who had gone through struggles or is currently going through struggles and continues to live day by day. 

   After the Baltimore Riots the meaning of "thug" has changed. If you are "hard" or rather, if you choose to steal, kill, and/or cause violence, despite the color of your skin, you will be labeled a "thug." 


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