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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Men Can Be Such Douche Bags

   Oh, you're looking for a date. You're lonely and can't seem to find a woman who is interested in you? Maybe you need to take a long hard look in the mirror and find out what it is that stops those women from giving you a chance. 

   There are many reasons women turn the other way when it comes to men they will date. It could be looks, but most of the time it is a man's demeanor, his personality. A woman decides quickly whether or not a man is attractive, but attractiveness is not all that plays a role in whether or not that woman will make herself available to said man. The initial opinion of attractiveness can change.

   In the past it has been the popular belief that douche bags or rather jerks, a-holes, womanizers, men who think they are God's gift to woman were sought after. Ignore her and she'll go crazy for you. If this ever really was the situation, it is no longer true.

  A woman wants a man who will love her and ONLY her. She does not want to play second fiddle in your life. She wants to be front and center, your absolute and your everything. She does not want to be a bleep on the map where you stop to get coffee, instead she wants to be your final destination.

   It is man's first nature to think with his penis, this is not a turn on for women. In fact, women are completely turned off by this thinking nature. If you want to sleep with someone, fine but any woman worth keeping will not give it up the first night. If she is seriously interested in you, confident, and ready for a real relationship she will show herself respect by waiting and you should respect her wishes and not try to manipulate or force her into doing something that she doesn't really want to do.

   If you are a married man and you are out hitting on other women---> YOU ARE A DOUCHE BAG!

   Go home to your wife. Maybe if you paid as much attention to the woman you married as you do the other ladies in your life she would treat you right and you could be HAPPILY married.

   If you are no longer happy with your wife at least give her the respect of leaving before cheating... Talk it out, get a divorce, just don't cheat. Cheating leaves lasting scars and they are hard to heal.

   It doesn't matter if your flirting is harmless, would you flirt if your wife were standing next to you? If you wouldn't do it under her watch you probably shouldn't disrespect her and do it behind her back.


   If the woman you are so adamantly hitting on is married ---> YOU ARE A DOUCHE BAG! 

   You are disgracing the sanctity of marriage, you are disrespecting the woman you are hitting on and making her VERY uncomfortable, and you are definitely disrespecting her husband.

   As a person of the male persuasion you should respect and set an example, not join in the "douch-i-ness".

   Now if you are interested in someone and neither of you are married, approach respectfully. Do not constantly hit on her. Do not constantly and so obviously throw yourself at her. Instead take it slow. Have intelligent conversations. After you have built somewhat of a friendship, invite her to dinner. Follow through with gentlemanly activities and behaviors.


People will respect you for it.

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