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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

To The Food Stamp Receivers:

   Did you know that the annual cost to support the food stamps program is $69,800,000,000? That's $69.8 Billion dollars each year! Therefore, $69.8 Billion dollars worth of tax payer money is used to support those on food stamps.

   There are 41,170,732 Americans currently benefiting from the food stamp program. Over 41 million people are receiving some sort of help in paying for their food each year. This number only represents 14% of the population in the US. Therefore it takes 69.8 billion dollars to support this 14% of the population.

   In 2014 the average monthly benefit per household was $133.85. However the average merely represents what $69.8 billion spread somewhat evenly between 41+ million people would be. In reality this number looks a great deal different.

   There are clearly people who are unable to work who need help providing for themselves, this is undoubtedly true. However there are also many people who could work but have figured out that either they don't have to or that they "make" more money living off of the government than they would if they were to get a job. [This is a sad fact indeed.]

   Many others have found a way to work "under the table" and receive benefits. While this is considered fraud, the fact remains that many do not care, will never be caught, and are cheating the system. In cheating the system they are cheating not only those that actually NEED assistance but they are also cheating the hard working tax payers.

  A society that is unable to support itself will eventually and undoubtedly crash and burn. Those that are living on government assistance when it is not actually needed are slowly killing the system. Not only is it fraud but it is also thievery. The money the government doles out freely is not there for any person, it is there for the needy.

   It is not meant to be a way of life, it is meant to help one get back on their feet and support themselves. 

   If you are a person receiving assistance ask yourself:

 Do I truly need it or could I possibly be self sustaining?

Am I contributing to society to pay back the assistance I am receiving? 

Am I using my food stamps wisely? 

   When people who are not on government assistance go to the grocery store they are forced to budget and buy what is needed. Many people who receive food stamps use them not for nutritional food, but rather to buy candy, soda, and junk food. This is not a wise way to spend the free money you are given. There are also many who spend their food stamps on this junk and then in the same transaction use their cash to buy cigarettes, lottery tickets, and alcohol. If you have the money to buy these things why are you on government assistance? If you are one of these people truly ask yourself if you NEED to be on government assistance or if possibly you could be self sustaining if only you were to give up your bad habits.

   Good Examples of People In Need:

Single mothers or fathers trying to provide for their children.

Elderly retired individuals who do not make quite enough on their retirement.


Disabled individuals*

*When referring to disabled individuals this means individuals who are ACTUALLY unable to work due to physical limitations or severe mental illness.

   In conclusion, the food stamp program is being taken serious advantage of by too many Americans. The money that is used to sustain this program could be put to better use. There could be more rigorous requirements in order to qualify for food stamps, including but not limited to an actual audit of the individual receiving benefits. It could be required that a social worker visit the recipients home and dig a little into their life to find out if they are honestly in need or if they are potentially screwing the system.

    Another requirement could be that limitations are put on what can be bought with food stamps. More nutritious limitations than is currently in place. Food stamps are meant to help provide families with nutritious and healthy life sustaining meals, not to provide candy and soda. Therefore it could be set up more like the WIC program where only certain items can be purchased.

   In the end there is much more than could be done to weed out the frauds and to provide the needy with better help than what is given today. There is much that could be done to save tax payers money as well.

  Please share, get the truth out there!

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