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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

10k Under my Belt

So yesterday my family and I celebrated my husband's birthday, he's reached the big 3-0. I made him a Brownie Cheesecake covered in cookie dough:

He says I could have sold it for at least $20. I found the recipe on The Chunky Chef blog via pinterest, thank you Amanda! It was delicious, though I did run 6.3 miles beforehand to account for the calories. 

That brings me to my next milestone, I ran a 10k yesterday! It was on my treadmill, but I ran at a 10'53" pace, which I think is pretty awesome considering I haven't ran much for awhile now and my leg is still healing from banging it on a chair while trying to put up my brand new Halloween decoration.

Which reminds me, I created my very own, life-size Jack Skellington for Halloween:
Please excuse the grill in the background :) 

I had so much fun creating him that I thought about making a life-size Sally to go with, but my husband says there is no more room for another life-size character. He's pretty freakin awesome though! I got the idea from a life-size plywood version of Jack that I saw on my route, then I started looking on pinterest to figure out how to make my own and found There Goes the Neighborhood's youtube channel. I used her ideas, changed them a little, and made my own Jack. Her's was a little bigger than mine. 

Anyway... I hope you all are enjoying life, and remembering to keep it simple!!



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