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Affiliate- Someone who associates themselves with another. This could be someone who promotes a product or a company or who sells something (a product or service) for a company.

Article Marketing- The process of using article submission sites to make money or advertise.

Blog-A blog is a website with regular entries or commentaries. Blogs are for the most part operated by individuals. Blog is a blend of the word weblog.

Embed- [embedded] To embed is to add a link. To implement code into a sentence or word. ex. click here that link has embedded into it.

Link- A word or sentence that when clicked will lead you to somewhere else.

Paypal- Paypal is an easy way to pay online. It's a service that helps you pay the safe way. Instead of giving out your bank or credit card information you use your paypal email address.

Referral- Becoming someone's referral means to sign up for a program or site under them. There are many websites that pay you to get people to sign up for their site using your referral link.

Traffic- Visitors. Traffic is considered the amount of visitors to a site.

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