Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mother Beats Baby for Crying...

This woman is sick and twisted. I wish that there were some way to know exactly who she is, what country she is living in...I do hope that authorities have been notified and this mother has lost her children, however it is likely that we will never know...

This video really pissed me off. I do not know how any mother could look at their crying baby and do this to them. Kicking, smacking, hitting in the head with not only the pillow but also other objects. Completely sickening!

Overwhelming Taxes

Have you ever wondered exactly how much taxes you pay per day, week, or year? I am not talking about your paycheck taxes or the taxes you pay at the end of the fiscal year. I am talking about the daily, weekly, and monthly taxes you pay.

It does not make much sense to me how the money that you earn each week (or bi-weekly/monthly) can be taxed immediately and then when you use the money left over after taxes is taken out you also pay more taxes each time you make a purchase or pay a bill.

This troubling thought process occurred to me the other day so I sat down and made a list of the many ways I pay taxes. I compiled it on my other blog -->Simplistic Journey: Overwhelming Taxes.
Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

What could be done differently? Is this something that should be focused on by politicians? Is it fair to pay taxes on every single aspect of life?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Review: it worth your time?

As a contribution to the Proven Ways to Work From Home, which I realize has not been updated in some time, I have recently become a member of I was really excited about this opportunity to work from home in the beginning because it sounded like a legit way to actually earn some money. So I'll start from the beginning.

We are currently undergoing home renovation and I have been looking for more ways to contribute to the very expensive renovations we are doing so I did a quick internet search for companies that hire home workers. That is how I found

After clicking on the site link I was brought to a very basic page with a login bar and a video, the simplicity of this page made me a little skeptical, but I wanted to find out more so I clicked the link to get started and was brought to a "link to paypal" page which is required in order to get paid because the company pays you through paypal.

Once my paypal had been verified a waiting period commenced. I was informed that I would receive an email if my application was accepted so I waited and checked my inbox. It took 3 days for me to hear back from the company but my application was accepted so I logged into the site.

Upon logging in the first time I was prompted to watch a paid video ($1.00) which took a few minutes to load and was simply a welcome video. After completing that I had to read the instruction on how to listen to the calls and correctly categorize them and once the instructions were read I could begin.

I was disappointed to find that in fact this company is not a company that pays it's "employees" well. Instead you are paid on a "per call" basis and each call pays within a 0.7 to 2 cent range. This is not a very high payout for the time it takes to listen to the calls. In addition to the low payout there are many glitches that interfere with the listening process. You are able to listen to a number of calls in a row which you are then rewarded with a "bonus" for doing so, however in between a screen will open that says that the system does not like it when the page is refreshed so many times, even if you have not refreshed the page at all. When it appears you are stuck for awhile and when you are being paid based on the number of calls you are listening to this really interferes with the number of calls you are able to listen to.

Another issue that I have found is that you are penalized 3-4 cents if you make a mistake when categorizing a call. This is more than you were paid for the call in the first place. This makes it very difficult to get ahead, especially since the way that you are reviewed is by comparing your answers to two other reviewers answers and if the other two reviewers disagreed with your categorization then you are penalized. When this happens you not only have money taken out of your overall earnings but your accuracy also declines which takes away the higher paying calls.

Overall if you are wanting to make very little and you are willing to put in a lot of time for a small payout than might be for you. If you are looking to make a real income, one that can help pay your bills, I do not recommend

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Living Simplistically is Now Simplistic Journey

   I have begun a new chapter in my life and therefore a new blog. I have struggled with whether or not to keep Living Simplistically alive or *gasp* delete this blog and I have chosen to keep Living Simplistically alive. I have worked too hard and too long on this blog to say goodbye. However there will be definite changes occurring. I will be linking to my new blog; Simplistic Journey because I update that blog regularly, secondly I will still post on Living Simplistically when I have written something that is relevant to this blog. Otherwise you can continue reading my work by visiting my new blog.

   Simplistic Journey is a place where all of my interests collide in a neat and orderly fashion. It is actually like 5 blogs in one. I write about health, crafts, recipes, money savers, and of course my life. So from now on if you are wondering why Living Simplistically isn't being updated regularly that's why. But don't worry, I will continue writing on Living Simplistically when the topic is appropriate. 

   Until next time :)  
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